Advertising Rates

Advertising in The Link magazines is a highly effective way to reach your target audience and promote your business to the local community. With our extensive distribution network and loyal readership, your advertisement will receive maximum exposure and generate valuable leads.

Here are some key benefits of advertising in our local magazines:

1. Targeted Reach: Our magazines are distributed to households, businesses, shops and cafes in the local area, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience.

2. Increased Visibility: By placing an advertisement in our magazines, you can significantly increase your brand visibility and awareness among local residents.

3. Cost-Effective: Compared to other advertising channels, advertising in local magazines offers excellent value for money, allowing you to maximise your marketing budget.

4. Longevity: Unlike online ads or social media posts that can easily be overlooked, a printed advertisement in our magazines has a longer lifespan, providing ongoing exposure for your business.

5. Credibility: Local magazines are trusted sources of information in the community. By associating your business with our reputable publications, you can enhance your brand’s credibility and reputation.

If you are interested in advertising in a future issue of The Link magazines, please let us know, and we will provide you with more details regarding pricing, ad sizes, and deadlines. We offer a range of advertising options to suit different budgets.

All prices shown are per issue, in a single magazine, excluding VAT. Multi-magazine discounts are available, quotes upon request.

If your advert is not available in an electronic format then we can produce it for you. The cost of this service depends on the complexity and size of the advert. (This is a one-off design charge, the ad can then be re-used in subsequent issues).

Our issues fill up quickly, particularly for the most popular positions within the magazine, so please book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Contact us for more information, we will be pleased to hear from you!

  • 16,000 A5 full colour copies printed and distributed, every month
  • Every issue available to view online
  • Advert design
  • Delivered on its own by our reliable delivery team
  • Range of advert sizes to suit your budget
  • Leaflet distribution service
  • Editorial opportunities


Prices are per issue, excluding VAT

Prices are per issue, excluding VAT

Prices are per issue, excluding VAT

Prices are per issue, excluding VAT


Prices are per issue, excluding VAT

Prices are per issue, excluding VAT

Prices are per issue, excluding VAT

Prices are per issue, excluding VAT

Leaflet delivery from £40+ VAT per 1,000

Payment Methods

For new customers, payment is required by the copy deadline date and can be made by bank transfer (payable to ‘The Link Magazines Dorset Ltd’), or by card over the phone.

Discounts are based on 14-day payment terms.

Packages of six months or more can be paid monthly, by standing order or via BACS.

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